from Prism by Niema Lightseed

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following the clues,
on this modern-day quest.
a new way of putting our faith to the test.
following my heart,
to find a part,
in this epic play of life reset.

It’s not quite like back in the day.
No apparent dragon,
in need of a good slay.
its time we lay
our notions aside.
the lie:
an economy built on slavery.
the journey:
to set each other,
and ourselves

I recognize it starts with me.

I can’t just walk on concrete,
to reach the mountain cave.
I’ve learned dragons are my allies,
and all my friends are witches.
And ending oppression
has become an inside job.
Rainbows rarely end on flat ground,
or start without a storm,
so I climb
to seek my pot of gold,
which is not green;
and once found,
can never be sold.

Following the clues,
on this modern-day quest,
is a new way of listening.
A different kind of treasured chest
The map,
is not always tattered yellow paper.
Sometimes it's a specter of sacred geometry,
or a
diagram of our diaphragms.
How to breathe through our bodies,
how to heal with our hands.

The little birdie still tells us where to go,
how to flow,
but now they're 5 foot 4,
in platform boots and day glow fur.
and the guardian of the threshold,
is checking ID’s.
and the dragons we can see,
are painted on our tapestries
or tattooed on our bodies.
but still,
but still,

We are in the magic land.
and we must know,
when to wield our swords,
when to sweep our salves,
when to humble ourselves
in the holy places.
We must understand the measure:
are the treasure
we seek,
if we are ever going to find it,
ask why it was hidden in the first place.
This race with a new pace
can only lead us away from
or back to
And our folly as we hide from
or chase
what could only ever be inside us.
it’s the quest that defines us.


from Prism, released November 5, 2019
Niema Lightseed ~ Poetry
Ryan Powell ~ Bodhran
Theo Grace ~ Music & Production




Niema Lightseed Portland, Oregon

Niema Lightseed is a poet and priestess of the new paradigm dedicated to transforming oppression through art, embodiment education, linguistic analysis, and ritual.

Her poetry evokes the transformative power of art and reveals the beauty at the marrow of life.
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